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Hello, Fellow Makers of Home

How many times have you introduced yourself as “just a homemaker”?

Or felt overwhelmed with the variety of time-bound tasks you have to manage at home?

Or felt a longing for people that understood your everyday struggles at home?

A homemaker's job is one of the hardest on this planet, yet there are hardly any dedicated platforms for these makers of home to showcase their skills, talk, write or learn how to be more efficient.

So, if you are a homemaker, this is your portal! This is your treasure box where you can share your experience and skills with other fellow home makers and learn from them as well. You can write, discuss, read, talk, submit or find ideas, info and updates on topics that are relevant for you as a home maker. 

You’ll find blogs or forums online that cater to certain aspects of homemaking but you won’t find a resource bank that's as novel and is created by users themselves. We hope to make your job easier, more enriching, and more fun in this process of information collection and sharing.

And by We, we mean all our content contributors (you could be one of them too!) who themselves are makers of home and understand and appreciate the challenges of this job very well.

Write to us to know more or start exploring!....

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