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Glad you are here!

Hi, My name is Anjali.

I am a management consultant by qualification, a homemaker by occupation, craft enthusiast by interest and a small business owner by choice! 

I am the admin of this website and the shop that brought you here. 

Here's the story behind that shop. 

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About the Shop

Bylanebazaar is a business which started with the idea of promoting and selling healthy handmade metalware made by local artisans from the bylanes of my native place, Lucknow. The products on the shop come from one of my initiatives called "bylanebazaar" which started as an Instagram and Facebook page by the same name (@bylanebazaar).

These products are made of copper, and copper based alloys like brass, bronze, german silver etc, and (unlike what many resellers or online platforms sell) are genuine in quality as they are procured from the manufacturing facility itself. Some of these products are exclusively made by these artisans only, for over four generations now, and are supplied mainly to wholesale distributors from the manufacturing facility. 

What attracted us to this range of products is the fact that they are not just rich and royal to look at but made with a lot of sincerity and honesty. Another factor was the inflated prices of many similar products in the markets, some of which aren't even genuine copper or embellished with coatings or designs that take away their traditional beauty.

We don't believe in interfering with the original color and charm of natural copper/copper alloys and understand that some things are more appealing, useful and long lasting, when kept in their original and simple form. Which is why, bylanebazaar tries to educate people about the value of re-introducing these healthy metals in everyday lives, in a very natural way. 

Our products are meant for modern homes and homemakers with traditional values and an eco friendly outlook. We make sure the products we choose are high in quality and reasonable in price, so that people who are unable to buy these from elsewhere, because of doubts over quality or unaffordable prices, can find a solution here. 


You will also find some unique handmade crafts products on the Shop coming from my initiative "Sanak".

Sanak is an initiative to promote and practice upcycling or crafting from eco friendly materials. I have been creating, teaching and selling handcrafted products since 2013, but informally through friends, family, and social media (Do check out the @sanakcrafts page on Instagram and Facebook to know more about Sanak). The formal introduction of Sanak products on an online Shop was long overdue.

The handmade products you will find here are made with a lot of love and hard work, and using materials and techniques that, we hope, will gradually reduce the burden of non-biodegradable junk from our beautiful planet. When we sell good things with a conscience, people buy good thing more consciously.

We truly hope you will help us make more beautiful things and promote environmentally responsible buying and selling by supporting us in this initiative. 


I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Write to me at:

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