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Health and Wellness

The most important resource a house needs to become a happy and productive home is You. Keeping yourself physically, mentally and emotionally sound should be a priority, to function at your best capacity at home and outside. Let's take good care of our bodies and mind.

Young Girls Running

Daily Dose of Movement

Get those happy hormones flowing!

One of the best ways to keep yourself happy and fit is to move to music. Homemakers often find themselves lacking in the company, guidance or time to pursue their love for movement. But here's what they can easily do. Check out the below channel and choose what fits your time and level of difficulty. Lara is a "Certified Gymnastics, Dance and Fitness Teacher from Munich, Germany" and her channel has several Dance Workouts, Free Dance Tutorials, Time specific workouts, etc presented in a fun, energetic and easy to follow manner. Her Instagram handle is @fit.lara

Young Girls Running

Turn to Traditional Wisdom

Attract positive energy and health with Copper and Copper Alloys

If you are looking to enhance the health and energy around your house, adopt or increase the use of Copper, Brass or Bronze metal products on a daily basis. Ancient texts and scientific studies promote the use of these metals for health and spiritual benefits. Check out the "Shop" link in the Menu above to find some genuinely great finds that'll help you in that pursuit. You can also explore @bylanebazaar on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

Young Girls Running

Inhale Joy, Exhale Stress

Yoga for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The benefits of Yoga for our body and mind are not unknown anymore, but the challenge is to find the right guidance and motivation to learn and practice it as a habit. A genuinely helpful, comprehensive and professional resource is The Yoga Institute. Check out their YouTube channel or website to find really easy to understand, detailed, and nicely presented lessons on how to become more fit and happy using traditional Indian practices, especially the yoga asanas. Click the "Channels" tab to find the Hindi version of their videos.

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