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Inspirations for a beautiful home

Best of the best!

Tips to organise not just your offline home but your online world as well.

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Top 24 professional organisers lay down their best advices for organising the clutter in your life, both at home and in your digital life. We found these to be pretty to-the-point and easy-to-comprehend and practice, even if you just skim through them. Check them out!

Anyone can...but only a few do!

Everyday hacks that matter

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There are several Indian homemakers who have been sharing their experience, lessons and hacks for other makers of home via social media channels. We'll be featuring the best, most relatable and most useful ones amongst them under this section every month. This month, check out the tips and tricks shared by Ragini to help organise the home in cost-saving and quick ways that are easy to practice. She's on youtube and other channels by the name homegupshup.

To Hold on or Let Go?

Organizing and storage issues in Indian homes

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Sometimes we get so obsessed with buying new things that we even lose track of what we already have, and sometimes we get so attached to what we have that even when it has served its purpose, we hoard it even at the cost of storage space. For a mess free, organised and decluttered home, it is important to take a realistic look at what we have, what we need and what we can live without. Listen to this podcast Let’s Talk Décor by, to understand this issue more and take constructive action. In the selected podcast, "Are we messy or just disorganised?" Rohini Rajagopalan, a certified professional organizer, talks about the sticky problem of organising and storage, and how to solve it.

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