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Creative Writing

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Writing is a great way to make sense of some of the noise inside our heads on a daily basis. It helps us put our emotions or insights into words and maybe even get them out of our system. I often write small notes in my phone whenever I can no longer keep talking to myself in my head and need to say them out loud. Its a great way to vent out, express ourselves coherently, document observations, and even sometimes discover new ideas.

Sharing here two of my recent poems that helped me like therapy. Tell me if these words resonate with you too...

"Everything has a place" is a poem that talks about the importance of taking charge of our emotions, acknowledging them but not letting them control you. Often we get overwhelmed by passing moments of false pride, fear, self-pity or other such unhealthy feelings and let them define our behavior. If we become conscious of what we are feeling, and more aware of whether that feeling is helpful or damaging, we can choose what we want to do about it. We may not be able to control how we feel, but with practice, we can definitely sort out those feelings better and use them to our advantage. Apart from managing our homes, we must also manage the chaos and clutter inside our head...we must put everything in its place.

"No Pain No Gain" is a short poem that talks about visualizing pain as a guest or fellow traveler in the journey of life, who meets us occasionally and with good reason. We need to attend to it even if we don't want to, and try to understand the purpose of its presence. The frequency with which it meets us, and the duration for which it stays, often depends on our own choices in life. If we don't meet this guest once in a while, we often don't wake up and watch where we are headed. But if we get too attached to it, it clings on to us and prevents us from being our best selves. Pain is a necessary evil for self awareness and growth.

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