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But where's the time?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Practical tips to find more time for yourself and your to-do list.

So much to do and so little time! Have you ever wondered how some other homemakers (who you think are better than you but they are not really) keep it all together at home and still manage to find time to dance, exercise, work, or socialize? Well, firstly, all that glitters is not gold, so others may look more in control but its not necessarily so. On the other hand, what looks tough to do, is sometimes not so much so. You just have to make some changes around you to increase your productivity everyday and gradually it all falls into place.

I'm no expert on this (which I prefer because its fun to keep on learning), but I'd like to share with you some hacks that have worked for me and might work for you as well, in increasing our efficiency and productivity as makers of home.

1. Spell it out. Stick a post-it on your refrigerator, or put up a chalkboard/whiteboard in your kitchen. Make a list of all the pending tasks that are on your mind. Also add the topics that you want to learn about, areas you want to improve, goals you want to achieve. Make sure you write both the easy to do and time taking tasks that you have been procrastinating about. Keep crossing out the finished tasks during the day (usually they will be the easy ones you wrote, but crossing out a few on the list will encourage you to work on the other things in the list as well).