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Brass Glasses Set of 2

Brass Glasses Set of 2

₹750.00 Regular Price
₹675.00Sale Price

Capacity: 400 ml

Set of 2 exquisite glasses made of pure brass, with naqqashi work (hand engravings).

The golden glow and royal look of these glasses is enriched with the healing property of brass as an anti-bacterial and immunity boosting vessel for drinking water. It has an alkalizing effect on the liquid served in it.

  • Care Instructions

    Brass is prone to natural oxidisation over time but it is most resistant to corrosion amongst all alloy metals. A faint change of color over time is common but it only adds to the beauty of the piece. When darkening occurs, it can be cleaned with lemon/vinegar/tomato/tamarind paste to remove the oxidised layer and store shine. 

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