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Brass Paan Daan

Brass Paan Daan

₹3,400.00 Regular Price
₹3,060.00Sale Price

Base diameter : 7 inch 

Material: Pure Brass

Includes: 1 Brass cover plate, 6 brass containers with lids, 2 brass spoons (applicators) 


A paan daan is considered a symbol of royal tradition, hospitality and style, especially amongst the paan lovers of India. Paan or betel leaf delicacies are served after a sumptuous meal to help with digestion or simply as mouth freshners. People who like to customize their paan, with different fillings or pastes, love to flaunt a paan daan at their parties. It is also used to store pre-prepared paan or other mouth freshners for guests. 


Add a layer of royal character and distinct style to your home with these beautiful brass vintage boxes with jaalidaar design and naqqashi work all over. 

Perfect for gifting as well!

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