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Royal Copper Jug and Glass Set

Royal Copper Jug and Glass Set

₹2,450.00 Regular Price
₹1,960.00Sale Price

Jug Capacity: 2 litre

Height: 10inch

Glass Capacity: 300 ml

Handmade Pure Copper Jug and Glass combo, with Naqqashi work done by skillful artisans of the City of Nawabs, Lucknow.

Display this copper jodi in any room of your house and attract good health and energy in your everyday life.

Copper vessels are known for their scientifcally proven ability to make the water served in it alkaline and bacteria free. Copper Infused Water (or Tamra jal) is recommended under ayurvedic science for better digestive health and immunity strengthening.

  • Care Instructions

    Please use soft scrubbers on all copper products to avoid scratches. Regular cleaning can be done with normal soap and water.

    Please wipe with a clean cloth after washing to avoid water stains. In case of darkening that happens naturally in all copper products, it can be cleaned with salt+lemon/vinegar/tomato paste/toothpaste to restore shine. 

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